Vehasen talot

With us, getting what you want is reality. Be it a house, a cottage, a sauna bath or some other building, our experience in design ensures you get what hope for. Fulfilling your dreams is what we like to do, at no extra expense! The largest log house building plant in South Finland –and sixty years of experience- are here to serve you.

House from our Collection or Unique house for your needs

We have a ready collection of houses for you to choose from directly, should you want to do that. You can also use the models as a starting point for designing something entirely different. Our pricing is based on the quantity of timber and other materials delivered.

The new log home collection by Vehasen has been inspired by Asian and European styles.

Our product are 

100% Finnish

from material to handicrafts

Hirsitalo Teollisuus - Finnish log house industry

Hundreds of log houses, all around the globe


Vehasen Talot has been in log house industry already for six decades. We have been designing and manufacturing log houses in West Europe, South Europe, Far East, and in the Nordic. Our experience is based on challenging projects, domestic and abroad. We know, how log house is to be build, to make is stand for storms, snowy elements and small earthquakes. Trust in Vehasen quality, so do thousands of others.