We make Finnish log houses for a variety of people all over the world

The starting premise for our houses is Finnish wood and its good characteristics. The final result is a comfortable and unique home, sauna or other type of building.

Know-how and fine raw materials

In cold Finland, it’s always been necessary to know how to build well, to choose the best wood, to build structures with care, and to insulate and roof the house effectively. Over thousands of years, many of the building stages have changed. However, one matter has stayed the same at Vehanen: we pay a lot of attention to the selection of the raw wood material. It’s the very foundation of a high-quality log home.

Design in keeping with client wishes

If you are dreaming of a house, our specialized architects and planners will gladly help you obtain the house of your dreams! We give you flexible, customer-friendly service and above all, the splendid, cosy, luxurious, small or spacious log building of your dreams –no matter where you live.

Our product are 

100% Finnish

from material to handicrafts

Hundreds of log houses, all around the globe


Vehasen Talot has been in log house industry already for six decades. We have been designing and manufacturing log houses in West Europe, South Europe, Far East, and in the Nordic. Our experience is based on challenging projects, domestic and abroad. We know, how log house is to be build, to make is stand for storms, snowy elements and small earthquakes. Trust in Vehasen quality, so do thousands of others.